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Refund Policy

Alliance's fees are built entirely on its budget of costs. Alliance collects enough money to pay its expenses (insurance, rental fees, league fees, etc.) and a small reserve. Therefore, when a player joins Alliance a joint commitment between the player and the Club has taken place. The Club commits to taking on a player and developing that player. The player commits to playing for Alliance and training and playing only with Alliance and no other clubs. When a player leaves Alliance the commitment has been broken. A player leaving negatively effects a team roster and issuing a refund could negatively effect Alliance's finances.

Because of these and other issues, Alliance employs a no refund policy. The $100 registration fee is nonrefundable. The team fee is nonrefundable after June 15. Therefore, Alliance enforces its no refund policy in instances where a player and its family changes their minds before the season begins and anytime during the season.There are certain instances where Alliance will provide a partial or pro-rated refund. In situations such as a severe injury preventing participation for an entire year or a family moving away before the start of the season. In those instances Alliance may consider issuing a partial refund; however all factors will be considered and Alliance reserves the right to enforce its no refund policy.